VOYO V1 Mini PC Intel Pentium N4200

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VOYO V1 Mini PC Intel Pentium N4200

Hello guys welcome to the gearbest.com blog I'm Roman from gearbest.com blog staff today I will give you some information about the VOYO V1 Mini PC Intel Pentium N4200
actually available on gearbest.com!

So here we go to the VOYO V1 Mini PC Intel Pentium N4200
, with this product you can use all of the features and services from Windows 10 on a little box with very powerful specs inside .

First I will give you some specs about this product :

Windows 10.1 with 128GB SSD
Main Features:
- Windows 10.1 system will bring you surprise of using experience
- High performance of the new Intel platform boutique mini host, the performance have been improved by 50 percent, and then complex tasks can be run easily
- Dual SSD hard disk expansion interface, breaking the limitations of the mini computer expansion
- Built-in fan to ensure the efficiency of operation
- Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity: easy pairing with most Bluetooth-enabled devices
- 4K decoding will bring you the wonderful feeling in video and game playing

That is a very good item if you don't want to buy a second computer for a second room for example, that is also very interesting if you want to use it on your 4k TV or others electronics equipments.

Here you can see the link to have all of the information about this item :


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