Machfally BK200 Water Resistant USB Charging LED Bike Tail Light Safety Lamp

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Hello guys welcome to the blog I'm Roman from blog staff today I will give you some information about the Machfally BK200 Water Resistant USB Charging LED Bike Tail Light Safety Lamp actually available on with a very interesting price during the next few days with this special flash sale! 

Let's start with the product specifications! 

- Six lighting modes, high brightness, middle brightness, low brightness, fast strobe, less fast strobe and slow strobe
- Easy operation: short press to turn on and change modes, fast double-press to change between brightness mode and strobe mode
- Made of aluminum alloy and ABS material
- Max 100lm COB LED light bead, IPX8 waterproof, shining even in rainy dark night, keeping you safe
- Easy installation and disassembly, fits for 1.2 - 3.2cm diameter tube
- USB charging with Micro USB port, convenient and quick to charge and long time to use
- Light color: red light, white light and blue light for selection
- Charging time: 1 - 2 hours
- Working time: 4 / 6 / 14 hours in brightness modes, 28 / 25 / 16 hours in strobe modes
- Powered by 500mAh li-polymer battery ( included in product ) 

This product is very interesting during your outdoor activities like BMX, VTT, free ride and others activities! 

You can inform the others person of your intention to take this opportunity to change your navigation so that is very helpful! 

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