Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

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Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp
Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

Hello guys welcome to the gearbest.com blog I'm Roman from gearbest.com blog staff today I will give you some information about the Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

As you can see xiaomi has produced in collaboration with the electronic company Philips with some wonderful products!

Here you can find the specs for this product Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp!

Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Light - Support WiFi
The Philips ceiling lamp can automatically adjust the light with colder or warmer tones according to the environment and supports manual controls either from a connected smartphone or using its optional remote control which comes with its own set of brightness and color temperature options, as well as an integrated temperature and humidity sensor

Main Features:
● 5min Fast Installation: innovative coupler module for quick assemble and disassemble ( II electric shock resistant )
● 82Ra: 64pcs LEDs of high CRI provides museum lighting effect
● Cozy Moonlight: the moonlight mode offers warm and cozy lighting
● IP60 Dustproof: protects it from dust, and could get rid of the pesky insects
● Dimming System: color temperature range from 2700K to 5700K, brightness range from 0.1Lm to 2000Lm
● APP Remote Control: control via smartphones by WiFi or Bluetooth
● 25000 Hours Lifetime: constructed by premium materials and specified processes
● Efficient Heat Dissipation: unibody aluminum plate maintains highly efficient cooling

Caution: search Mi Smart Home App in App Store or Google Play, supports Android 4.4 and iOS 8 systems or above.

The Mi Smart Home App is actually your home assistant available in Android and Ios as you can see on the specs listing!

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Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp
Original Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp
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